09.09.2015: Workshop Finding Your Unique Selling Point

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Communicating the Museum is the world’s leading arts communications conference. Each year we gather communications professionals from over 2,500 arts organisations from 40 countries worldwide in a new cultural city. Over 3 days we organise inspiring keynote speeches, engaging panel discussions and thought-provoking learning sessions, addressing the latest trends and issues facing the world museums and the wider communications industry.

Moderation "Chair" bei der Konferenz "Communicating the Museum - People. Culture. Ideas.", Istanbul; vom 09. bis 12. September 2015

09.09.2015: Workshop Finding Your Unique Selling Point

  • Red Star Line Museum - about millions of people with one dream. How do we stay relevant in times of super- diversity?


Karen Vandenberghe, Marketing Manager,

Red Star Line Museum, Belgium

From 1873 till 1934 more than two million Europeans sailed with an ocean steamer from the Red Star Line in Antwerp to America in search of a better life. The Red Star Line Museum brings the history of the shipping company back to life by focusing on the personal stories of the passengers. How do we make the museum relevant in times of super-diversity? How do we make it relevant for the 170 nationalities that now call Antwerp their home? The Museum focusses on the personal stories of the passengers and integrates stories of contemporary migrants. Together they stimulate visitors to dialogue on migration as a universal phenomenon and motivate visitors to share their own story.

  • Differentiation strategy in the search for cultural partnerships


Frédérique Jamolli, Head of International cultural development,

Olympic Foundation for Culture & Heritage, Switzerland

The Olympic Foundation for Culture and Heritage is responsible for the IOC’s cultural policy on the five continents. Its main tools and resources are The Olympic Museum, the Olympic Studies Centre and the IOC’s patrimonial assets. Going beyond sport, Olympism is a reality which allows the exploration of subjects linked to society, politics, art and technology. As a result, with the diversity of its activities, favourite topics and cultural products, the Foundation’s scope of action encompasses a vast number of networks. With its new ambition to disseminate its specific culture as broadly as possible, within the Olympic Movement and beyond, the Foundation is seeking new opportunities by creating a differentiation strategy in its search for cultural partnerships. To illustrate this, we shall focus on the example of the shared desire for a long-term partnership with the V&A, which goes beyond simply co-producing exhibitions.